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spinesuccess-lgPostural Correction


Your posture is the window to your spine.  Most often the cause of your spinal issue boils down to distortions in your spine putting stress on your joints and nerves.  We use a state of the art software to measure your posture precisely.  If necessary, we combine that with x-ray measurements.  This combination leads us to more specific adjustments and exercises customized to your needs. 



Massage1Massage Therapy


We have NY state licensed massage therapists in our practice.  Massage therapy is a great stand alone treatment for soft tissue problems.  It is also a great adjunct therapy to combine with Chiropractic care.   Most people who have spinal issues related to posture also have muscular tightness and scar tissue that needs extra attention.  We also offer Swedish massage; this type of massage is geared more towards relaxation and stress relief.



nutritionFunctional Nutrition


We offer detailed testing that measures where you may have nutritional deficiencies.  Most chronic illnesses have nutritional solutions.  The key is being a detective and figuring out the cause.  We use a urine organic acids test that gets sent to a lab for analysis.  Once we receive the results, Dr. Dougherty creates a detailed plan to get you to optimal health and vitality.  



physical-examsOccupational Services


Dr. Dougherty is certified by the federal government to perform DOT & NON-DOT physical exams.  We also do pre-employment and random urine drug screens & saliva alcohol testing.  Some local companies that utilize our office for these services include FedEx, Van Santis Development, Surewinner Foods, & Gypsum Express  We also see many individuals who just need a physical to keep their CDL active.



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